A Deep Love for Africa

Driven by a passion for the culture and bushveld of Africa, our business goes beyond extracting and distributing essential natural oils. It is our intention to protect the environment and nurture the local people while sharing traditional African wisdom with the world.

Engaging the Community

To achieve our aims we partner with local communities to create jobs and opportunities for the people who harvest our raw products. From the start, traditional leaders are included to ensure the local heritage and practices are protected.

For example, in the South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, local communities harvest Marula fruit. The harvesting is predominantly carried out by women who use the Marula to prepare their traditional beer – an important part of their heritage. By selling the marula stones (a natural by-product of the beer-making process) to Ramified Organics, these women are able to generate additional income for their communities.

This is how we turn ‘waste’ into a product that benefits everyone – from the women who harvest the raw products down to the end-user of a high-grade cosmetic product.

Sustainable and Scalable Essential Oil Production

Even our manufacturing process follows a natural and ethical course. The process of extracting essential oils from African fruits follows this process:

  • Wild Harvested
    The raw products are harvested by member of the local community from areas of land where the plants grow naturally. In other words, these products are not cultivated, but grow wild in the African bush.

  • Sundried and Sorted
    The raw products are dried in the sun and then hand-sorted before the next step in the production process.

  • Triple-Cleaned
    At this stage, the raw product is washed at least three times to ensure it is free of any environmental contaminants.

  • Cold-Press Extraction
    At Ramified Organics, all our oils are cold-pressed to preserve the structure and potency of the oils. No heat is ever applied to extract an essential oil from the raw product.

  • Packaging & Distribution
    The final step in the process involves packaging and preparing the oil for shipping to our customers all over the world.
It is this commercial manufacturing model that enables us to supply our clients with high-quality oils, consistently. The model is also scalable, making Ramified Organics well-positioned to produce small or large quantities of oil, as required.

Planning Our Future

Our future plans include adding more value to the local communities we partner with, making our processes more efficient, and finding new ways to utilise the by-products of the oil manufacturing process. Right now, we’re focused on producing high-grade Activated Charcoal/Carbon from what remains of the harvested Marula stones after the oil has been extracted. Another project includes producing animal feed and other products from similar oil extraction by-products.

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