Your trusted supplier of high-grade essential oils

As a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of organic African oils to the cosmetic industry, we take great care to source, process and distribute our oils according to strict ethical and quality standards.

From Seed to Oil, Naturally

Our oils begin their journey in the African soil where they grow naturally, free from pesticides and chemicals. Wild-harvested by local communities, the seeds and nuts are then sent off for processing at our modern production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. Modern oil extraction processes are applied to ensure the final product is pure and free from undesirable substances.

Ramified Organics essential oils are:

  • Cold-pressed
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
Using the cold-press extraction method preserves the integrity and efficacy of the oil. The result is an essential oil that is both pure and potent. All our products are tested in internationally accredited laboratories, ensuring we are able to deliver natural oils at a consistently high quality.


Committed to fulfilling the guidelines of the Nagoya Protocol, our approach is to work with local communities, ensuring that everyone benefits from our business. This means that preserving the traditional knowledge of rural communities and uplifting the local people are at the core of our operations.

As firm believers in fair trade, these principles are as important to use as producing the finest quality organic oils.

From Africa to the World

Essential oils are in demand across the world and Ramified Organics is perfectly positioned to meet this growing demand. The oils we produce are shipped globally to end-users in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We currently have three distribution offices located in:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Hamburg, Germany

Consistently Supplying Superior Oils

Our modern approach, techniques and facilities enable us to consistently supply the global cosmetics industry with high-grade natural oils. If you want to source the finest essentials oils for your products, source them from Ramified Organics.
Certificates of analysis and samples are available on request

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